Daniel Radcliffe cast a Rap Spell

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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a new rap sensation as he has shown his rapping skills on The Tonight Show when he performed Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics”.

Everybody knows that Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most talented young actors of Hollywood. However it was never known that this star can sing as well. Along with singing Daniel is an excellent rapper as well. He proved his skills on “The Tonight Show”.

Jimmy Fallon was hosting that show and he asked Daniel to come on stage to rap something for the audience. Daniel obliged and mesmerized every one by singing “Alphabet Aerobics” with perfection. This classic rap hit was an instant hit when it was released back in 1999.

During that interview Daniel reported that he was fond of music. He said that he loved listening to music and it was like a disease for him. He also shared his likeness for classic rap music. After that he was invited by Fallon on stage where he sung the famous “Alphabet Aerobics”.

Radcliffe is a British star but he dropped his accent while performing on stage. He sung that classic rap song without an accent and sung it in a marvelous way. Although the lyrics of this rap song are very difficult as they are kind of tongue twisting but he managed them greatly.

Harry Potter and The Horns star said that he loved rap songs. He also mentioned that it was a compulsion for him to learn the lyrics of every rap song. Later on he explained that he followed Eminem initially. He said that he learnt all songs of Eminem as he liked him very much.

Later on he started learning the lyrics of songs made by “Plan B”. He said learning songs and remembering all lyrics was like a disease to him. He added that he had a fascination with fast songs and had always loved them. 

After that Fallon asked if he was talking about songs like “Alphabet Aerobics” and Daniel replied with a nod. He said that he liked songs with difficult lyrics. Fallon asked next if he knew its lyrics by heart and Radcliffe again replied with a yes.

After that Fallon said that it was one of the most difficult songs and offered Radcliffe a chance of performing on stage. Radcliffe perform with passion and the audience became mesmerized to see his new talent. Radcliffe perform with passion and audience got mesmerized to see his new talent. 

Till now it was said that Daniel was an excellent actor. However, now it is clear that he is an excellent rapper as well. He said that he did not want to be a great rapper but he had a desire to work on big screen showing this talent. He said that he knew he was not a perfect rapper but he loved rapping

He also talked about his upcoming movie “Horns”. He further said that he wanted to work with Dwayne Johnson in a movie. He said he wanted to work with “The Rock” in a movie as he was his biggest fan. He also said that he could be an excellent co-star.   

Sources: USWeekly , E! News


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