Daniele Watts charged for having Sex in a Car

Daniele arrested for having Sex in a Car

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The Django Unchained star Daniele Watts charged along with her boyfriend by police officers on the charges of lewd conduct outside CBS in Studio City.

Daniele Watts has had her shining moment last year for her role in Django Unchained along side Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Christopher Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. She received critical acclaim for her debut performance as the slave girl CoCo in the movie and all fans expected great things from her.

Those great things could not have definitely expected her to be charged for having sex in car outside CBS in Studio City. Daniele, 28 was supposedly making out with her 43 years old boyfriend Lucas in their Mercedes outside the CBS studio when one of the street witnesses called the police claiming that they were having sex in the car. According to the witness there was breast fondling and kissing and things were definitely getting heated. 

The Studio City patrol car showed up on the scene and asked both of them to step out of the car. They arrested them for lewd behavior in public. Daniele tried to run away but the officer got hold of her and handcuffed her. Daniele accused the cops of racial profiling against them as she is black and Lucas is white. Daniele admitted on social media that it was humiliating and she felt what her father used to feel everyday when she came home. He was antagonized on the basis of his race too. 

Lucas however had a different opinion. He said on social media that the witness who called the police might have thought that Daniele was a prostitute because of her short petite look and he was dressed up like a rocker so they might have thought that there was something illegal going on in the car but it was not and it was really not cool when they handcuffed Daniele and threw her in the back of the car.

The rough handling made her wrists bleed. This arrest has shaken Daniele’s confidence that the authority figures can control her life. Daniele has experience playing a cop on the show ‘Weeds’ and she said it was disappointing being racially profiled like that. The civil rights services were infuriated with her accusations against the police and are demanding an apology.

She is however isn’t looking to make one. Lucas and Daniele could be jailed for six months if the prosecutor found enough evidence to prove the charges and a thousand dollars fine. The Prosecutors office has obtained the video of the arrest from TMZ and the recording of the arrest order on the PD radio. Things are not looking good for the young upcoming star.

Source: TMZ , Mirror

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