David Beckham Or Justin Bieber: Who Looks Better In Underwear

David Beckham or Justin Bieber: Who looks Better in Underwear

H&M and Calvin Klein

  • David Beckham compares his H&M Underwear Ads with Justin Bieber’s CK Underwear Ads.

David Beckham, the famous footballer, recently addressed the issue of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein underwear adverts. Apparently there is no crotch-to-crotch competition between the man and the boy.

David Beckham /4/have many worries on his mind as a world-famous celebrity. But Justin Bieber is not one of them. He is in fact least bothered about Bieber’s CK underwear advertisement.

For one thing, Beckham’s supersexy H&M ads give Bieber a run for his money. He spoke his mind regarding Bieber’s attempts to imitate Marky Mark. The short and pithy phrase “not bad” was repeated several times by Beckham when he was asked by E! News about how Bieber looked like in the ads from his vantage point.

Beckham in fact went on to commend Bieber. When he was told that he looked good too, he shrugged off the compliment in a wisecracking manner by saying that he was slightly older than that Bieber boy.

Beckham who has four children is going to be 40 soon. He will be over the hill yet still hanging on to his masculinity and sexiness as a stud and icon.

After all how many other footballers can you think of that can actually get away with wearing sarongs and nail polish in magazine centerfolds. Beckham has that unfathomable quality that makes him the best. 

Beckham said that he was not self-conscious or obsessed about turning 40. In fact, he was taking things normally as they came. He would be celebrating his 40th birthday with a little dinner with some men.

As for endorsing any alcohol brands, Beckham avoided this so long as he was an athlete. After retirement, he has mellowed down and himself enjoys a drink or two in the evening.

He said that he was not averse to a glass (or two) of wine along with his meals and even made a mean cocktail sometimes that his wife took a liking to. Beckham’s wife, Victoria, who was once a member of the musical group called The Spice Girls, is currently hooked on whiskey after Beckham introduced her to the pleasures of liquor drinking in a responsible manner.

Beckham even inspired the name of a movie that came out after the Millennium titled “Bend It Like Beckham”. He is a legend in his own right and small fry like Justin Bieber /4/stuff all the padding they want up their crotch space in CK’s underwear ads but they will never compare to people like Beckham who have the status of gurus.  

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