David Crosby accidentally injures Jogger while driving his Tesla

David Crosby accidentally injures Jogger while driving his Tesla

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The musician and singer, David Crosby accidentally injured a jogger while driving his Tesla vehicle. The jogger suffered multiple fractures and lacerations and is currently being treated for his wounds at a hospital.

There he was driving his electric vehicle (a Tesla as you might have guessed) when David Crosby by sheer chance managed to hit a jogger who was on the side of the road. The location was Southern California which is known for its craze for fitness.

Crosby, who is an old man, hit a middle aged man who was jogging happily on the roadside. Jose Jimenez was near the location of Santa Barbara when he was struck by Crosby’s car and went flying in the air.

He landed a few feet forward on the tarmac and incurred several injuries from the sheer force of the vehicular impact. According to California Highway Patrol, Crosby was at the speed limit of 55 mph. Jimenez was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where he is being catered to.

He has a few broken bones along with bruises and lacerations. However, it is a good thing that he has not sustained any serious injuries. He will heal with the passage of time. 

As for David Crosby, he was neither handicapped not DUI. He only has the alibi that the bright and harsh Californian sun prevented him from seeing Jimenez at the moment his car hit him. Crosby felt sorry for the accident and injuries he caused and was very polite and well-mannered in his dealings with the police.

The sunlight indeed can have a blindening effect. Crosby remained without a single scratch in the accident, according to HuffPost. Crosby was for all purposes very saddened by the fact that he had caused someone harm even though it was not on purpose. He said that he wanted Jose Jimenez to get well soon and be fit as a fiddle.

The jogger was moving in the direction of the traffic on the road and so it cannot be entirely said to have been Crosby’s fault. Crosby is a member of a band and he is also a solo artist. Jimenez had his son alongside him when he was injured in the accident.

But his son remained unharmed. The police have advised Mr. Crosby to be more careful and also wear sunglasses the next time he drives on the road in California. Also a slower speed will help prevent any such future accidents.


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