Jon Hamm exits Rehab after Alcohol Treatment

Jon Hamm exits Rehab after Alcohol Treatment

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Jon Hamm the actor famous for playing the alcoholic Don Draper is himself facing the struggles of Alcohol addiction in the Silver Hill hospital.

Jon Hamm recently underwent therapy for his alcohol addiction following the end of the show ‘Mad Men’. Hamm has been suffering from alcoholism for a long time and he went to a rehab to battle the addiction.

A rep confirmed the news to TMZ asking for privacy and support. The 44 year old actor supposedly went to the high end Silver Hill hospital for 30 days for his struggle with alcohol addiction. The New Canaan, Conn hospital treated the actor who portrays Don Draper in the hit series ‘Mad Men’ coming to its final episode in a few days.

Jon Hamm has been under treatment for his addiction with the support of his long time girlfriend and life partner Jennifer Westfeldt. Jon Hamm had been making similarities with his character Don Draper for years since the show’s debut. The shows main character Don Draper is an alcohol addict who seemingly follows the path to destruction due to relentless partying and infidelity. 

Jon Hamm once shared in an interview after the debut of the series he can never drink as much as Don because he would probably pass out, but we suppose he did drink enough to be addicted. The veteran actor also hinted to personal problems when he stated he has gotten away with a lot in life and is quite lucky for having done so.

However as he is getting older he cannot get away with a lot of stuff and is in a mysterious process called growing up. While growing up is not particular easy while living in California where you are often rewarded for being a child.

Jon Hamm also admitted to a British newspaper the set of ‘Mad Men’ is a temptation where the characters drink three martinis for lunch and the whole life is quite glamorous and enticing.  Jon stated he doesn’t miss smoking as he quit it about 10 years ago but being on ‘Mad Men’ makes it seem like a splendid idea.  

While Jon Hamm always stressed he does not and cannot drink as much as Don Draper the actor seems to have followed the path his character took and ended up being an alcohol addict. While he has successfully gained treatment we hope he can stay sober for long.

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