David Duchovny talks about Gillian Anderson and X-Files Reboot

David Duchovny talks about Gillian Anderson and X-Files Reboot

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David Duchovny talked about the reboot of the Fox hit series X-Files into a miniseries in which he will be starring with his ex-co-star Gillian Anderson.

It has been 12 years since we saw David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Agent Mulder and Agent Scully in the hit sci-fi series X-Files on Fox. True, there were two movies in between in 1998 and 2008 but it was not quite like seeing the two agents bickering on a regular basis. 

Well it’s good news for the fans that have been waiting for such a reunion in the newest reboot of the series. It is not a 22 episode season but it will be a miniseries of six episodes. 

David Duchovny recently attended the NBC’s ‘Summer Press Day’ in Pasadena, California promoting his new show Aquarius. Although he was there promoting Aquarius, the actor talked with US Weekly about the show that became his claim to fame. 

David admitted that everyone wanted the show to continue but just didn’t know how to. The movies were a great way but they offered no chance of continuity. The miniseries has given them a chance to reprise those beloved roles once more. 

He was nervous about his transition back to being Mulder. We all know it’s kind of in David’s blood and there is no one who can play it better. The star didn’t reveal much about what was to be expected out of the show and what role will it play in any future projects for the series. 

David was also pressed about his reunion with co-star Gillian Anderson. He told the press that they had been in contact ever since the show finished off. He even joked that they had been living together given that there were rumors that the co-stars were dating back in the day. David however honestly expressed he was glad to be working with him again. 


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