Dear Retailers, These are the new Apple iPad Prices

Dear Retailers, These are the new Apple iPad Prices

With the introduction of the Apple iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 Apple has reduced the prices of older iPads it kept in the line-up. Many retailers though still state last year’s or even two year old iPad prices to make their early Black Friday deals look better.

Apple has unveiled two new iPads with the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 last month. Apple also revealed that the original iPad Air and the original iPad mini stay in the new iPad line-up. This means there are now five different iPads available. As predicted retailers are offering deals on the older iPads in early Black Friday 2014 sales. The first Black Friday 2014 Ads that surfaced feature the iPad line-up with $100 rebate in form of store credit or immediate discount like in the case of the Sam’s Club Black Friday iPad Air deal. The Sam’s Club iPad Air deal is by the way already available on Saturday, Nov. 15. We just noticed that Sam’s Club lowered the price of the iPad Air even more. It will be on sale on Saturday for $295.

While Sam’s Club states the correct new price of the iPad in their offer, Walmart is not doing that. Walmart right now sells the iPad mini for $239 and claims savings of $60 as they display the list price of the iPad mini from last year.

Walmart customers are not saving $60 on this iPad mini deal, but only $6. Walmart had the iPad mini on sale for $199 as 1-Day Deal on Friday, which was a decent deal saving $50 over the Apple Store price, but Walmart claimed $100 savings.

Walmart iPad mini Price

Walmart is not the only one that is showing old iPad list prices to inflate savings. You see the same thing on Amazon for instance. Some iPad mini listings are still even using the 2012 iPad mini price of $329 as the list price.

Amazon iPad mini price 

Consumers who do not follow Apple’s every move are taken for a ride with these old iPad prices. Even shopping experts are falling for the old list price scheme. Fox aired a Black Friday report yesterday on the It’s Your Money show with consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch.

One of the early Black Friday deals she recommends is 23% off an iPad mini at The listing for the iPad mini shows today even 26% off, but the reference is a $348 price point from “At other Retailer.”

Overstock iPad mini price

Even prices for refurbished iPad mini’s on Overstock are with over $300 much more expensive than a brand-new iPad mini at the Apple Store.

Consumers need to be aware of these inflated savings. As I don’t expect Walmart or other stores to update their list prices I recommend to study the new iPad prices below.

Repeat with me: The iPad mini starts at $249. The iPad mini 2 starts at $299. The new iPad mini 3 sells for $399. The old iPad Air sells also for $399 and the new iPad Air 2 starts at $499.

And here again the iPad prices as a list. I want to give you all visual possibilities to easily remember the new iPad prices:

$249 iPad mini 

$299 iPad mini 2

$399 iPad mini 3

$399 iPad Air

$499 iPad Air 2

And here as a graphic.

iPad pricing

Once you know the new iPad prices you can look forward to great Black Friday 2014 iPad deals.

The Apple iPad deals during last year’s Black Friday sale have been already off the charts. Deals included the $479 iPad Air with $100 Gift card at Target, iPad mini with $100 Gift Card at Walmart and a $299.99 iPad 2 at Best Buy.  

On Black Friday 2014 the iPad mini could drop as low as $149 through a $100 gift card bundle deal. The iPad mini 2 should sell for as low as $199. The iPad Air leaves the most room for a knock-out Black Friday iPad deal. We predict doorbuster deals to feature a $349 iPad Air bundled with $100 gift card. See the latest Black Friday deals and ads on our Black Friday 2014 Hub.

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