Deborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh Jackman

Deborra-Lee Furness asked people to stop calling her lucky just because she is Hugh Jackman’s wife. Deborra did not get Lucky with Hugh Jackman, she just connected with him.

Deborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh Jackman

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Deborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh Jackman

Deborra Lee Furness, 58, is known for being the wife of the amazing, versatile and handsome Hugh Jackman. Hugh is an Oscar nominee, critically acclaimed actor, an amazing performer, awesome host, sexy star and great singer. It is obvious that the actor has the greatest fan following in the world and most of them are envious of his lady. I suspect Deborra might be called so many things but the thing that upsets her most is being called ‘lucky’. 


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Deborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh JackmanDeborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh JackmanDeborra Lee Furness did not get Lucky with Hugh Jackman

Being true to her Aussie roots, she said that whenever someone calls her lucky to be married to Hugh, she feels like she has won the chook raffle. The talented actress has acted in the critically acclaimed film Jindabyne (2006) and the more recent movie Blessed.

She has also provided the voice for Barran in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. She is an accomplished individual herself. She said that she has her own challenges that she faces everyday. Being married to Hugh is not the biggest accomplishment of her life.

Deborra met Hugh on the set of the Australian TV series Corelli back in 1995. According to Deborra, they just talked and clicked instantly. It was more like destiny than luck. We can remember that Hugh was not so famous back in 1995 and Deborra has been with him since then.

They have been married for 18 years. They have two children: Oscar, 14 and Ava, 9. More than luck might be involved in this relationship. Love, compassion, chemistry and understanding can be enlisted as a few of the things that make Hugh and Deborra one of the best Aussie couples. 

We cannot forget the cancer scare Hugh got a few months back. He openly admitted that it was Deborra who pointed out the growth on his nose and if she had not, it might have gone unnoticed. I think it might be Hugh who is lucky to have Deborra as his wife.

Hugh revealed in an interview that Deborra is a do or don’t woman. He said they have an exciting relationship in the bedroom as well which involves the Wolverine costume.

Deborra is a woman who faces up to the challenges in her life. She is currently putting all of her energy into overhauling the adoption laws in Australia. She understands these laws as both her children are adopted.

Hugh and Deborra have also launched a charitable foundation titled Jackman Furness Foundation for the Performing Arts. Jackman took the initiative for the foundation and posted its logo on his Twitter account. They are both passionate patrons of the performing arts. 

Source: Australian Women’s Weekly



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