Designer Babies: Do you want a Designer Baby too?

Designer Babies: Do you want to have a Designer Baby?

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  • Designer Babies: A Crucial Crisis of Current Times

Designer babies happen to be a crucial crisis of the current times we are passing through. Scientists claim that we ought to have a serious moratorium on this interesting and disturbing issue.

The huge leaps and bounds made by science, especially genetic engineering, has made the point of having designer babies a reality. Thus the debate about whether they are a morally relevant thing to engage in has to be made willy-nilly.

It would be good for developed societies to partake in the discussion about designer babies since one day the theoretical will become a practical. That’s for sure!

A trendsetter and trailblazer in cloning has already accomplished DNA editing in baby mice. Dr Tony Perry is the one who did this and he revealed all the details in the Scientific Reports journal. (via BBC)

This poses the question whether human beings will be next. The query is a legitimate one since it shouts out the phrase “how far do we go” in bold red letters.

What we /4/term designer babies are not just a concept from science fiction anymore. They are very real in their perceptive and cognitive load on humanity’s conscience.

The fact that designer babies could be made out to as handsome or beautiful and intelligent or wise not to mention healthy begs the question whether we have the right to play God in the scheme of things. Aren’t some things better left to Nature or the Supernatural? 

First it was the mice that got cloned, then it was pigs and sheep. The right thing to ask is where this is supposed to end. Many say that we ought to leave human beings and human nature alone since it is dangerous and risqué territory.

Yet many are of the opinion that it is precisely by putting human beings underneath the lens of the microscope that advances beyond our imagination will take place. The process of churning out designer beings is 100% accurate and efficient.

The Crispr technology is the wave of the future and was termed the #1 breakthrough a year ago. The genetic transformation of human beings remains the last frontier in man’s self-knowledge.

Were it to be crossed, a limit will have been transgressed that most fear to even think about much less touch with a ten foot pole. Among the issues at stake are disease-free babies and the creation of babies from three individuals.

This is of course risky business and needs thorough thinking through. We need to look before we leap on this one. It is indeed a challenge and predicament for all of society and the consequences of producing designer babies in the lab /4/be a the bringing into being of a new species altogether.

Can mankind take its own destiny in its hands instead of leaving things as they are? We can only make guesstimates about the whole thing! 

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