Destiny Releases This Coming Tuesday

Destiny Releases This Coming Tuesday

Here are the best preorder deals to date

Like Halo? You might be interested in Destiny, Bungie’s latest futuristic next-gen FPS. With a release date of September 9th (this coming Tuesday), the title has several solid preorder deals if you know where to look.

The best option for the Microsoft console versions is unsurprisingly the Microsoft Store, where you can get Destiny on Xbox 360 or Xbox One for $59.99 – full MSRP, but you’ll get a $10 Xbox credit. Additionally, you’ll get the title on release day, so long as you buy by tomorrow (Friday, September 5th).

Not an Xbox gamer? No matter. You can get a similar deal at Best Buy for PS3 and PS4 – MRSP, but you’ll get $10 in Best Buy Rewards. You’ll need to be a member, but membership is free.

And if you’re an Xbox 360 gamer, you can get substantial credit at Kmart, where Destiny for Xbox 360 comes with a $20 credit upfront with free membership, and coupled with another Shop Your Way incentive, you can get up to $40 total credit. No guarantee of release day delivery, but a very solid offer if you don’t care.

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