DiDi Is An IPad-powered Teddy Bear For Kids

DiDi is an iPad-powered teddy bear for kids

Cute meets techie.

As ordinary household appliances get more advanced, so are childrens’ toys. Roam & Wander, the startup behind the TuTu toy, which launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, is announcing its next project – a next-generation teddy bear for kids.

Called DiDi, the one-of-a-kind teddy bear is powered by Apple’s iPad. Yes, they have an iOS app in the works. DiDi has three main components: the teddy bear, the iOS app, and the company’s magic touch toys which can automatically detect a user’s touch.

Roam & Wander has already patented this technology. Also, the toys are made from ABS plastic – the safest plastic for children.

So, what does DiDi offer? According to the company, DiDi will help children read, write, and learn math. Currently, there are three books and three games that children can enjoy. Simply insert the iPad tablet on teddy bear and it’s play time.

Children can brush DiDi’s teeth, and they can also feed him.

Leading the project is Roam & Wander founder Jason Warren, a former HTC executive. If you want support the project, simply head over to Kickstarter. The project will only be funded if the $25,000 goal is attained. The deadline is on /4/22nd. 

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