Digital Signage China coming to CES 2015

Digital Signage China coming to CES 2015


Wholesaler coming to Vegas

The internationally known manufacturer and wholesaler of digital signs in Digital Signage China has announced that they will be attending the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 to be held in Las Vegas from January 6th until January 9th, 2015. The Digital Signage China exhibit will be set up at the Venetian on Level 2, Bellini 2006. The company will be set up one day during CES 2015 and that will be January 8th and will run all day from 8:30am until 5:00pm.

Digital Signage China officials say that CES 2015 is the most important conference and exhibition space for digital sign companies. The company says that while it will have a big portion of their offerings on display at CES 2015, Digital Signage China will be releasing more products just after the conclusion of CES 2015. Company executives say that CES 2015 is by far the best place for Digital Signage China to be able to show off their wares. Digital Signage China prides themselves on being able to afford to the consumer public a product that will be low in cost but at the same time be of a very high and commendable quality.

Digital Signage China also is able to boast that they are a small company with a worldwide appeal. They state that CES 2015 is a very good place for small companies such as Digital Signage China to be able to learn from other small companies and form networks and work together in order for small startups to be able to build and become better. Digital Signage China is a company that has been around for 8 years and have worked with major companies to give them a quicker and better way for digital communications. Digital Signage China also has a presence online and consumers can also go there to inquire about purchasing any products.

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