Digitally Animated Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Available Now

Digital Christmas Sweaters with Animations are Available Now

A range of interesting digital Christmas sweaters with animations on them are available now. And an ex-NASA engineer designed these digitally animated Christmas sweaters.

Have you ever thought of a sweater that has an animated design on it? I mean a design that actually moves! Well, the wait is over since such a brand of sweaters are now on the market thanks in no small part to ex-NASA engineer, Mark Rober. After quitting his work that was cut out for him at NASA, Mark decided to hook up with MorphCostumes and so the animated sweaters got created. They consist of a number of choices and the only thing that needs to be done is the downloading of an application before the animation can be made to come to life. 

The first one is Stuck Santa and it features the legs of Santa Claus stuck out of the chimney of a brick house. Good old Santa is shown thrashing about his legs in the open air as he is stuck in the chimney due to his corpulence. Worth $59.95, the sweater is a collector’s item indeed.

Then there is one of a Peeking Santa Christmas sweater where the fat and jolly figure is gazing out with a curious eye. His eyeball is seen to wander here and there in wonderment. This is also worth $59.95.

Coming to the Snowglobe Rudolph Nose sweater, it features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with his Nose shown glistening in the snow. Truly a masterpiece if ever there was one. And its price is also $59.95.

And next up is the Gingerbread Snack sweater which has a gingerbread man on it whose head slowly gets eaten up much to its consternation. Cute, but in a cruel way.

Up ahead is a Santa’s Cabin Christmas sweater woth $60. This shows Santa Claus emerging from the window of a cabin and waving to the crowd outside. We can guess that even such a popular figure as Santa can get cabin fever.

And now we come to an all-time favorite and that is none other than the Crackling Fireplace variety. Worth $73.95, this digital Christmas sweater portrays a realistic series of flames in a log fireplace. The depiction of the flames shooting up from the embers is so damn real that it defies the imagination.

All these and a great many more animated sweaters are worth $60 each from the Morph Costumes website. And all these are also available on Amazon. Try a few on for size and see if you like them. We feel sure that you won’t be disappointed. 


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