Disney Princess Elena of Avalor: Latin or Latina?

Disney Princess Elena of Avalor: Latin or Latina?


The Disney Princess Elena of Avalor pops the question as to whether she is Latin or Latina which are two different things altogether.

Disney Studios is always on the lookout for new role models for kids. So the recent expansion of Hispanic culture in the United States /4/have led to its introduction of Elena of Avalor.

Elena is a princess belonging to a magic kingdom that includes her extended family. The evil witch Shuriki has taken her kingdom from her. She however is a bold, caring, funny and good princess who fights the big bad witch to regain her kingdom.

She also tries to protect her sister Isabel from the witch’s influence. But she ends up being trapped in a jewel by the witch who has her way in the end. Finally later on Princess Sofia rescues her from the spell the witch has cast on her.

This almost reminds one of Sleeping Beauty in its plot. But the important thing is that according to Disney the princess will have semi-dark looks and be related to all things Latin ranging from culture to language.

Some news websites have however taken that to mean that Elene will be a Latina Princess which is hardly the case. The two are as far apart as lightning and the Lightning Bug. This is often how misunderstandings develop in the first place. 

The movie that will come out in 2016 featuring Elena will present her as an example for kids aged between 2 and 7 years. There will be other merchandise connected with the movie character and also stuff that has to do with learning and cognitive skills that will help children cope with their environment.

There will also be many spinoff series inspired by this venture by Disney. Disney has always taken giant steps. It presented a bit of animal love with The Lion King and its Aladdin movie was another feature that explored Middle Eastern lore.

Now with Elena, the region of the Mediterranean will have its cultures brought before the eyes of the rest of the world. The gypsy-like looks of Elena of Avalor will get showcased.

Her delicate Eastern beauty and feminine wiles will be something that audiences will surely love. But maybe she does actually resemble a Latina more than simply being related to Latin culture and folklore. It all depends upon which perspective you look at it from.  


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