Eddie Murphy Finally returns to SNL

Eddie Murphy Finally returns to SNL

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Eddie Murphy is finally returning to Saturday Night Live (SNL) for 40th Anniversary Special.

Saturday Night Live brings back its alumni. With Saturday Night’s 40th Anniversary being celebrated this year, the show is rumored to have brought back its comedians that made the show a hit. One of those alumni is Murphy. Eddie Murphy finally returned to SNL.

December 15, 1984 was the last time Eddie Murphy appeared on the Saturday Night Live (SNL) show. After 30 years Eddie Murphy finally returned to SNL. While talking to NewsOne Now‘s Roland Martin, about his new reggae single, Eddie Murphy mentioned that he would be there to celebrate SNL’s 40th anniversary next month. 

Eddie Murphy finally returned to SNL, where it all started. It is where it all began for Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy spent four seasons on SNL, creating characters and parodies that are still remembered today. After leaving the SNL show in 1984, Murphy went on to launch his own movie career, a career that has taken him to stardom. 

Since his rise to stardom, Eddie Murphy has never looked back at the small screen. Eddie Murphy, along with acting in Hollywood movies, had also released a music album in the 80’s and after 20 years he will be releasing his newest reggae single. 

The big question is why he never came to SNL for a cameo in the past 30 years? Some believed that he had outgrown the stage and going back just didn’t make sense? Did he miss performing comedy on stage in front of a live studio audience? Would he consider combining his comedy with singing, to create a unique act?

According to Eddie it was just bad timing. He had other projects in the works when asked, which is why he hasn’t been able to return to SNL. He went on to say that nothing compares to performing on stage in front of a live audience, the way a performer and audience connect can only be seen on stage, and given a chance he might combine both talents on stage. 

Eddie returns amid other top ranking comedians whose careers began on Saturday Night Live. Comedians such as Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Bill Murray and Tina Sey, are just a few. An official announcement as of yet has not been made of the full lineup, for the 40th Anniversary SNL special in due February.  


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