DoubleClick Ad Servers are Down [Update]

DoubleClick Ad Servers are Down


Google’s Doubleclick ad servers suffer outage as you might have noticed surfing the web.

Google‘s DoubleClick ad servers are down causing our site to load slow. We are very sorry about that. The ad serving outage happens across the web. Tons of sites are affected. So if you think the web is slow today, it is because ad servers failing. I recommend an adblocker in case you experience a site that is not rendering properly. It is not clear how long the Doubleclick outage is going to last. Google has not responded the situation yet.

Other reports say that also the DoubleClick for Publishers is down since a couple hours.

Adsense ad serving is not affected by the outage, but then DoubleClick likely still runs on its own infrastructure.


DoubleClick says that they have fixed the service. See below:

Google has finally acknowledged the outage. The Tweet reads: “We’re experiencing some issues with DoubleClick for Publishers. The team is working on it and we’ll keep you posted.” Sounds like the DoubleClick engineers need first a cup of coffee to get things going.

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