Duet turns your iPad into a Mac Display

Duet turns your iPad into Mac Display


It is termed Duet and it is a wonder app that has many functions and features. This baby allows you to employ your iPad display for Mac exclusively. And it utilizes the 30 pin cable to do the job.

Duet has many good points about it. Firstly, it is super speedy. That is 60 frames per second and so the timing is so quick that you won’t even know what is taking place right before your eyes.

Secondly, it is very productive. Almost 50% of an increase in productivity has been noticed with this setup.

Finally, the touch system with OS X shows that handling the device is a walk in the park. And the Duet Display can be yours for a nominal ten bucks. And while this rate /4/seem a little too much, it is definitely worth it.

iPad owners normally go to Air Display for their necessary operations. But all that is no more. Now thanks to Duet, a Wi-Fi connection can be discarded and a 30 pin cable can easily be used to open a brand new world to the cyber user.    

The action of downloading Duet Display automatically lends a lease to your iPad. There are no hitches along the way thanks to the app. The hooking up of the various components together in cyberspace is absolutely smooth flowing. It is plain sailing.

The fact of the matter is that past iPad secondary display procedures worked rather poorly and haphazardly. But with Duet Display your worrying days are over. The very stuff of which this application is made is mystical indeed.

The clarity and lucidity with which the operations take place once you have downloaded Duet is proof that the makers of this app knew what they were doing. Whereas in the past the usage of an iPad as a secondary device was a pain in the ahem…neck…now it is all peaches and cream.

Yet even now a few improvements remain to be accomplished. For one thing, the app works with one iDevice at a time only. Maybe sometime in the future this limitation too will have been removed.

Watching YouTube on the device for example /4/prove slightly difficult. But this is nothing that cannot be fixed with a little elbow grease. Get the Duet Display app now since its price will increase to 15 bucks with the increase in duration. 

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