Dustin Diamond Saved By The Bell Star is on Trial

Dustin Diamond Saved By The Bell Star is on Trial

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  • Saved By The Bell Star Dustin Diamond Bar Stabbing Trial Starts

‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Dustin Diamond on Trial and in Trouble

Dustin Diamond. 38-year-old star who is best known for playing “Screech” in the American comedy series “Saved By The Bell” got into a fight in a bar when a woman named Bethany Ward punched his fiancée Amanda Schultz in the face, in response to which Dustin stabbed her cousin Casey Smetback in December.

Dustin Diamond seems to be going through some court trouble and had to appear for a hearing for stabbing a 25 year old man in the back. The man told the police that he did not realize that he got stabbed until the fight was over.

Bethany Ward testified in the court that all of the fuss escalated when Dustin’s fiancée Amanda pushed her cousin Mr. Smet away because he tried to take a selfie capturing Dustin and Amanda in the background, reported Aceshowbiz.

She added that Amanda got mad and got hold of Bethany’s hand as she tried to keep Amanda away from Casey. Bethany told the jury that she insisted that she let go off her hand but she did not which led Bethany to punch Amanda in her face.

Diamond who was a witness to the situation got seriously pissed and pulled a knife out of his pocket. Nobody noticed the knife until a woman shouted and brought this to the attention of the surrounding crowd.

Bethany further said in court that Dustin had stabbed Casey with the weapon. Casey made a statement to the police after leaving the bar about having no knowledge regarding the stabbing until he started bleeding after the fight was over. He also admitted to not remembering the details regarding the scene.

Police failed to gather any evidence as the security camera footage was blurred and was unable to capture the details of the fight scene. The prosecutor lawyer presented a blood-stained T-shirt, a sweater and a coat worn by Casey during the incident as evidence.

Dustin’s switchblade was also presented in court with which he allegedly stabbed the victim. However, the police camera video recorded Smet showing a bleeding cut on his abdomen. Upon further investigation he told police that he didn’t know the person but would be able to recognize him from a line-up.

Dustin’s lawyer Thomas Alberti further added heat to the situation when he tried to cheer up his clients up by writing a good luck message on the back window of the car. The judge Paul noticed the car in the parking area and got furious. He further made a serious statement urging an end to such actions.

Thomas later told the media that he did not consider this small gesture of good will as an inappropriate action and only held kindest intentions towards his clients. He further added that they are good people and he just wanted to lighten up their mood in the stressful situation. The lawyer also told that his clients did not do any wrong and they are ready to prove that in the courtroom. 

Diamond’s attorney argued in his defense that no one witnessed the stabbing and also no significant evidence was recorded on video tape either, which makes all the allegations very weak. Dustin’s third hearing in court is expected to be on Friday, /4/29th.

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