Harrison Ford Back in Air 3 Months After Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Back in Air 3 Months After Plane Crash

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  • Harrison Ford Back in Action Only Three Months After Airplane Accident
  • Harrison Ford Flies Helicopter First Time After Plane Crash

The actor Harrison Ford is back in action only three months after his airplane accident. It seems he has more moxie in him than was supposed at such a ripe old age.

The dude Harrison Ford is ready to rock! 

Harrison Ford, the man who acted in the Indiana Jones series of movies, got into a helicopter and flew to Catalina Island. And imagine this aging star accomplished this feat of flight just three months after his plane crash.

When his plane took a nosedive near Santa Monica Airport back in March, the famous celeb suffered wounds to the head. He bled profusely as a result of the accident. 

Yet today he took off in his helicopter from the selfsame airport. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” actor was seen piloting a green helicopter for a flight to Catalina Island in some photos obtained by X17Online.

The man looked to be fit as a fiddle. In fact, by merely seeing him no one could have guessed that he was in a hospital fighting for his life just 90 days prior to the present day.

Ford didn’t even exhibit any signs of PTSD. He was in peak form and on top of the world. It just goes to prove that you can take the plane away from Ford but you cannot take Ford away from the plane. 

Ford is getting on in years. He is a grandfatherly 70 plus yet the inner child and internal teenager in him never seem to get enough of the adventure. The fellow is foever young. Ford has also been observed driving a Tesla.

Like the Grease star, John Travolta, Ford absolutely loves to fly. A day without travelling the empyrean heights is a day that has been wasted in his opinion. And he is a great philanthropist and altruistic individual to boot. 

Many people half his age are actually so isolated that they hardly venture away from their neighborhood. But Ford keeps in touch with the great big world surrounding him. And what better means of traversing the distances and reducing time and space than via a helicopter or airplane.

He gets a feeling of control and capability each time he enters a cockpit. Ford definitely knows how to keep age in its category as just a silly number that means nothing. 

The Indiana Jones series of movies he worked in have made him a household name. He was a full-time dynamic hero in those action-packed films. From Raiders of the Lost Ark to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he gave it his all in the exciting and entertaining series of movies. Keep your spirits up, Ford, for you are seriously “young at heart”…!  

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