Dying Light is Finally Out to Enjoy

Dying Light is Finally Out to Enjoy
  • Watch the Launch Trailer of Dying Light.

The new zombie game is going to be a hit on all gaming consoles and platforms.

Techland and WB Games have come up with a new zombie game for all the gamers out there. As most of you would remember that the studio had also developed the open-world zombie series Dead Island which was rather quite disappointing.

Well let’s see if this new open-world zombie game can get any recognition. The studio should have worked on all the features and aspects of their previous zombie game but it seems that Dying Light only improves aspects of Dead Island’s zombie centric gameplay by adding parkour-style movement into the mix.

Dying Light should have also worked on repairing the other parts of the Dead Island template which would have been a plus point. So that is why Dying Light can be enjoyed for the first few hours of gameplay after which it would turn boring for most of the gamers.

Now Dying Light is basically a post-apocalyptic game and we have already seen enough of that. That is the reason why Dying Light hasn’t tried very hard to establish a premise for their game. The game has been set in Harran which is a city in Turkey. Now the city has been put under quarantine due to a virus that has turned nearly all of the population into undead flesh hungry monsters.

When playing gamers will be cast as a man named Kyle Crane who is basically an undercover operative that will be dropped into the region in order to pursue a secret objective. The story moves ahead and becomes interesting once the gamer finds the group of survivors and resistance style fighters.

The gamer will then help these people to complete some standard missions such as finding medicines, gathering supplies and fortifying the city. So the game basically is about zombies, guns, secret agents and conspiracy theories. However for all those who have played any of Techland’s Dead Island games will find Dying Light quite boring as it is very similar. We can even call it a sequel of the Dead Island series.

Coming to the difference between both the games, Dying Light has an amazing first person view and different types of movement are available to the gamers. This means that the gamers through Crane can now perform a number of different acrobatic stunts which includes climbing up and around buildings, jumping between rooftops or just running and sliding.

The graphics of Dying Light have been worked on and are amazing giving the gamers a real life like experience. Moreover the parkour style works similarly to the way it does in Assassin’s Creed or other games, so at least he gaming experience is going to be good. 

So whether this time Techland is lucky or not with its Dying Light is still a mystery but there are a lot of similarities between Dying Light and Deal Island. That is why if this new zombie game fails it will not be a surprise. 

Watch the Launch Trailer of Dying Light.


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