eBay Smart Stores will redefine the way of Shopping

eBay Smart Stores will redefine the way of Shopping

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eBay collaborated with Rebecca Minkoff and came up with an innovative idea of smart Stores in San Francisco and New York.

Last year, eBay suffered from a massive security breach. And this breach resulted in a divorce between the two long term partners, PayPal and eBay. Throughout the last year, the brand suffered through numerous tragedies, but yet it was able to make a steady progress. It was able to get some profits from its sales. Now in order to enhance their reputation and increase their profits, eBay has decided to enter the world of offline retail

Since the partnership between eBay and PayPal has ended, thus making it a compulsion for eBay to look into other growth areas. In order to explore other growth areas, eBay has joined hands with a famous designer, Rebecca Minkoff and started the idea of smart stores.

Now you no longer have to run between the racks in order to do the matching. Now all you have to do is; stand in front of the computer, select all the items that you want to try on and wait. When everything is completed, you will receive a text alert. And when you are waiting for your dress, you can always place an order for a drink or coffee. 

Another interesting feature is you can adjust the lighting of the changing room in order to check how the dress would turn out to be in a specific light setting.  In case you don’t like the color of the shirt or the size is not perfect, you no longer have to run out or shout to your shopping buddy.

All you have to do is select from the smart-screen present in the room. All the clothes have an RFID tag, you select that tag and the stylist will bring that dress to you in the changing room. 

In general, people believe that eBay is an online shopping destination and it does not have an official store. But not anymore, the brand has decided to start offline retail stores. They have decided to enter the physical world, a world where most of the shopping takes place.

eBay wanted to join the physical world for quite some time, but they wanted to come up with something unique and innovative. Rebecca Minkoff and eBay has come up with something exclusive, they have executed an idea which is collaboration of online and offline concept. The presence of magic mirrors enhances the overall experience of shopping. 

The eBay’s head of innovation and new Ventures, Steve Yankovich said that people still like to use their five senses when they go out for shopping, rather than just one sense. He then said that the shopping which is done online uses only one sense, thus making is difficult for people to enjoy the shopping experience to its fullest potential. In addition to this, he said that the retail store or the showroom is not going anywhere; people will always enjoy doing shopping the old fashioned way. 

Source: Wired via The Verge

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