Edward Herrmann Dead at 71

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  • ‘Lost Boy’ Actor Dies.
  • Gilmore Girls veteran, Edward Hermann passes away at 71.

‘Lost Boy’ Actor Dies. The actor was struggling with brain cancer for three and a half weeks before his family took him off life support

‘Lost Boy’ Actor Edward Herrmann Dies at 71: The kind and caring father and grandfather from Gilmore Girls, Richard Gilmore actor Edward Hermann died at the age of 71. Edward was best known for his role on the Gilmore Girls and was the part of the cast for all its seven seasons. It was touching for all the Gilmore people as well as his family.

Edward Herrmann’s family told TMZ that the actor was suffering from brain tumor and struggled with the ailment for three and a half weeks in the ICU in a hospital in New York. The family saw the pain and suffering he had went through and they decided to pull him off the respirator to save him from anymore suffering.

The actor passed away last night in the company of family and friends. Edward was married twice and his second wife, Star told the media that the family was grieving and everyone should respect the family’s privacy in this tragic event. Hermann had three children from his two marriages to carry on his legacy.

The Gilmore Girls’ executive producer and creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino commented that the show would not exist without Edward. She remembered what Edward’s presence bought to the show which included; “filled the room with grace, laughter, Chekhov references and several salty stories”. She called him their patriach and guide whom they will miss dearly. 

Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) also remembered her on-screen dad on her Twitter account. The first tweet was a single “Gilmore” representing the united front of the show that had bound them all together.

Then she went on to tweet the Edward Hermann was “kindest, classiest, most talented man” who was her friend. She said that it was an honor and a joy to work with him and a blow to them all to lose such a great friend. 

Edwards claim to fame was the telepic “Franklin and Eleanor” alongside Jane Alexander for which he received critical claim and nominations. He also played Franklin Roosevelt in various movies in his career. His voice was featured and loved in many documentaries and narrations.

His famous characters include “Mr. Rich”-Richie Rich’s cool and wealthy dad and his role as head vampire “Max” in the Lost Boys. His earlier roles include  “The Paper Chase” (1973), “The Great Gatsby” (1974), “The Great Waldo Pepper” (1975), “The North Avenue Irregulars” (1979), “Annie” and “A Little Sex” (1982) and “The Purple Rose of Cairo” (1985). He also featured in “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2014) alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. 

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