Elisabeth Hasselbeck Healing From Sudden Surgery

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Healing From Sudden Surgery

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Healing From Sudden Surgery

Just so you /4/know, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was away from her show to undergo a sudden minor surgery. According to Enews, the TV personality was not seen during her show dubbed Fox News. It’s actually a fellow workmate that assumed her role for the better half of the day.

Since the show had to go own, Kimberly Guilfoyle was picked to take her place until further noticed. Kimberly seemed to be at ease as she worked alongside her co-host, Steve Doocy. The news on Elisabeth‘s surgery were actually broken to the fans during the show by Steve.

Steve stated that the Fox and Friends star will not be able to work this week and will come back as soon as she has fully recovered. He added that there was no cause for alarm because they have been in touch with Elisabeth and the actress was responding well to medication.

No one knows the medical problem that could have resulted in the surgery. A reliable insider said that Elisabeth did not want any information regarding her operation to be availed to the general public. A spot check on her Twitter account reveals that she has not been active since October 10.

The surgery has left many questions unanswered. For instance, people want to know whether it was arranged in advance or it was an emergency. However, if she and her doctor had made early plans, she would have considered alerting her fans.

Elisabeth was picked for her TV job while participating in Survivor. The star was quoted recently by Detroitnews saying that she does not experience any emptiness after leaving the View because she still gets involved in heated debates in her current show.

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