Elon Musk Denies Report of Scolding Employee

Elon Musk Denies Report of Scolding Employee

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  • Elon Musk Has Denied The Report That He Scolded An Employee For Missing An Event To See His Child Birth

Elon Musk was recently reported scolding an employee after the employee took time off to witness childbirth.

Elon Musk denied allegations that he scolded an employee that took time off to witness the birth of his child. The employee reportedly missed a Tesla event for his child’s birth. A business journalist Ashlee Vance reported that Elon had told the employee that his child’s birth is no excuse.

He posted quotations by Elon Musk in his authorized biography and then the quotations were published by The Washington Post. He even claims that Elon said that he was extremely disappointed in the employee, accoridng to The Verge.

Ashlee claims that Elon told the employee that he needs to figure out his priorities because his company is changing the world and history and he either commits to the company or he doesn’t.

Whereas Elon tweeted and said that he has never written or said any of these things that were reported by Ashlee Vance. He said that Ashlee’s facts were not checked. The Washington Post said that the quotations came from an anonymous Tesla employee.

The Washington Post posted 22 most memorable quotes by Elon Musk from his new book. The Washington Post’s presentation doesn’t suggests that Ashlee Vance ever saw the email in which Elon scolded the employee.

The description of the book describes it as written with exclusive access to Musk. Ashlee Vance has also spent 30 hours with Elon Musk in conservation. We still don’t know whether Ashlee’s Elon quotation is right or not but once it got online, it spread like wildfire.

This was because people already think that Elon Musk is a ruthless and a fanatical figure and this latest revelation didn’t help his case. We know that heads of these amazing companies are no normal people. We can take the example of Steve Jobs.

He was also ruthless in his line of work but today his company is at the top of the world because of he used to have a strict behavior with his employees. So Steve Jobs created the stereotype and now Elon is carrying his legacy.

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