The Top 20 Music Streaming Services Apple will Compete With

The Top 20 Music Streaming Services Apple will Compete With

Apple is set to launch a Music Streaming Service based on Beats Music the company acquired a year ago. Apple is late to the game and has to compete with existing music streaming services on the market. These are the top 20 streaming music service Apple will have to battle for customers.

With a plethora of music streaming services available, Apple is coming to a market place that is already established. Apple is not inventing a new market as it did with the iPad and iPhone. Apple is expected to launch its Music service at the WWDC 2015 next month. The service is based on the acquisition of Beats Music a year ago. Streaming music is growing fast and Apple needs to enter this market to stay competitive.

Warner Music has announced this week that streaming is making more money now for them than downloads. This shows how consumers have changed their online music consumption over the last couple of years. Owning music has become less important. Streaming music allows consumers to listen to a unlimited selection of music. whenever they want.

Consumers can choose between free services that make money with ads and paid subscription services. Apple is expected to offer only a paid service. According to a recent rumor, Apple is maybe offering a free trial of the new music service to lure people in. 

Apple has the advantage of their huge iTunes customer base. A large group of iTunes customer is expected to adopt the Apple’s streaming service just out of convenience. We have identified the Top 20 music streaming services that Apple will face once its launches its streaming music service.

The Top 20 Music Streaming services list includes Spotify, Pandora, Sony, Google, Tidal, Sound Cloud, iHeart Radio, RDIO and also Beats Music, which is still running. There are many different models and content offerings these services provide. Music is very personal and consumers can chose from a wide selection of services to match their needs.

See the full list of the Top 20 Music Streaming Services.

If we missed a service you think should be on this Top 20 list please email us.

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