Elon Musk wants to make Seattle Satellites for Destination Mars

Elon Musk wants to make Seattle Satellites for Destination Mars

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Elon Musk of Tesla Motors wants to make satellites constructed in Seattle for destination Mars. And he is sincere in his lofty goals.

Elon Musk is a genius in his own right. And he held a press conference on Tuesday at SpaceX HQ and announced some pretty ambitious plans for the world at large.

These range from satellites made in Seattle for the race to Mars all the way to autonomous sports vehicles that are custom-built for females and the SpaceX’s rocket program progress. 

The self-made billionaire who is in his early 40s spoke of how he was satisfied with the fact that his Space Exploration Technology Corporation which happened to be the first rocket maker will transport stuff to the International Space Station. 

Musk is all set to participate in the denouement of a lawsuit with the US Air Force over satellite launch contracts. And the deal includes a gigafactory outside Reno where electric vehicular batteries will be made. 

As for the satellites, they are an alibi to reach a settlement on the Red Planet (Mars) sometime in the future. Besides being the cofounder of Tesla Motors, Elon is a starter of many other ventures and that means he has tack. 

According to Elon (via Bloomberg), his firm was doing the same for satellites what it had done previously for rockets. Hundreds maybe even thousands of people will be employed for the completion of the new venture. 

Meanwhile, Tesla Motors too is undergoing radical changes in its infrastructure. The Model X is about to debut soon. Things are looking up and everyone in the organization can feel it coming in the air alright. 

More than half of the orders are going to be for female consumers alone. As Musk revealed, there are a lot of features that the Model X possesses that are still being kept a trade secret. 

The previous Model S was a men’s thing though. And Elon Musk called Tesla Model S “the stupidest car in the world” while speaking (via The Verge) to the attendees of the Automotive News World Congress that was held in Detroit yesterday.

Tesla Model S didn’t have reading lights in the back due to which Musk called Model S “the stupidest car in the world”.

Musk also stated that over 100,000 cars will be sold in the future by Tesla Motors and the company will rake in profits amounting to $10 billion which is frankly speaking quite a lot of money indeed. 

While hard work lies in the future for its employees, the stages that are a necessity to be covered in order to reach future prosperity will be traversed willy nilly by everyone who is a member of Tesla Motors. 

As for the rockets, they are being seen to by SpaceX. SpaceX also got a contract from NASA to do its own thing which was a relief. This proves once and for all that Tesla Motors has the chutzpah to get things done. And the satellite construction is underway as well.  

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