Emmys: Orange is the New Black is a Drama Not Comedy

Orange is the New Black denied Comedy Status at Emmys

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  • Orange is the New Black denied Comedy Status at Emmys
  • Emmys 2015 puts Orange is the New Black in Drama Category

The series Orange is the New Black has been denied comedy status at the Emmys. It will have to enter the stakes as a drama.

In the Emmys marathon, Orange is the New Black will not be entertained as a comedy. Instead it will be considered in the drama category. The program that aired from Netflix had requested the television authorities to be taken as a comedy although the new rules claimed that a full hour long instead of a half hour long show was a drama and not a comedy.

Glee, Shameless and Jane the Virgin were given the go-ahead as comedies last week. The previous year, Orange competed as a comedy and won a dozen nominations in the Emmys. Also at the Golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Orange participated as a comedy.

Then the question is what went wrong at the Emmys. The problem is that a panel sits down and takes the decision which category to put the genre of television artwork into. Orange is the New Black was always a difficult proposal since it was not easy to pigeonhole.

The producers of Orange told Variety that while the decision taken by the board was unfair, nevertheless they were willing to participate as a drama series since they had full confidence in themselves. 

Orange is the New Black is a very inspiring and trendsetting series. It is a complex piece about life in jail for gaolbirds and goes in depth into the politics and intrigues that occur behind bars. The males and females and their daily squabbles and seductive moves are examined from the vantage point of the viewing end of a microscope.

The rejection of Orange as a comedy by the board which sat down to decide upon the genre categorization has sparked debate about whether decisions should be an arbitrary matter depending on a few people who sit in judgment over the fate of a whole production series.

In particular, the rule changes that have taken place have upset the apple cart (so to say). When such shows with great popularity ratings as Orange is the New Black are given the thumbs down as a comedy due to some petty rules, it is cause for sadness.

The series has a lot of twists and turns that offer surplus entertainment to be pegged as a hilarious show. But the decision-makers are hellbent on having their way and designating it a dramatic series instead of as a comedy. 

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