ESPN suspends Britt McHenry for insulting Towing Employee

ESPN suspends Britt McHenry for insulting Towing Employee

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An ESPN reporter Britt McHenry caught spewing obnoxious slurs at a towing employee in a video!

A video of an ESPN reporter has leaked on LiveLeak showing the woman named Britt McHenry insulting a towing company employee. On the 6th of April McHenry had tweeted her car had been towed while she was out having dinner in Arlington.

The video was a result of McHenry going to the towing company to receive her car but something apparently set her off and she gave a multitude of insults to the female employee. McHenry appears to make fun of the other woman’s features even used the phrase do you know who I am?

It is not clear what made the news anchor so livid but she keeps on a constant of insults throughout the video. McHenry started by telling the employee they make money by wasting the time of other people like her, then she went on to say as she’s in the news reporting business she can sue the place.

As the video progresses McHenry’s insults start getting personal. At one point McHenry tells the employee if she was a college dropout she would have been in the employees place, then McHenry goes on to inform the employee she is on news and the employee is in a ‘F**king’ trailer.

Finally before leaving McHenry got particularly nasty and told the employee to lose some weight and called her baby girl as a mocking endearment. Watch the video below.

When McHenry was identified from LiveLeak video, ESPN was contacted for a comment and ESPN stated they are aware of the alteration and investigating it.

A few hours later McHenry apologized for her behaviour on her Twitter account and admitted she let her emotions get the better of her and said some very disrespectful things.

However the apology was of no use and McHenry has been suspended by ESPN for an entire week. 


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