Evernote partners with Nikkei and raises $20 Million

Evernote partners with Nikkei and raises $20 Million


Evernote has raised $20 million from Japanese media conglomerate Nikkei and forms a new content partnership for its content.

Evernote recently announced that they have raised $20 million from Nikkei. Nikkei is a Japanese media conglomerate and it is known for its popular financial newspaper Nikkei. The company also publishes an English review called the Nikkei Asian Review.

Evernote has a context feature option and from now on, Nikkei is going to be feeding articles into Evernote’s context feature. The context option brings more news from a third party source. This will help the users as it will provide news to read. They will have articles and content alongside.

Along that they will have their own files and documents. This company is the first company that will be integrated into the Evernote Context. People who have the Evernote Premium and Evernote Business subscription will be able to receive the services as soon as 2015.

What the application will do now is that they will take a look at your files and they will feed you content that they think is relevant. Evernote is trying to attempt to build its own content discovery play. We see that it is the same strategy that was used by Facebook and Twitter and by this strategy we will see people spending more time on their site.

Libin has reported that IPO is being considered by Evernote in the upcoming years. A lot of the Nikkei users are based in Japan and this partnership could be seen as an interesting one. In the Japan New Economy Summit is April 2013, Libin said that around 20% of users and 30% of revenue is coming from Japan.

He said that he is hoping that he makes it a 100 year startup. He thinks that things should be looked from a long term perspective and Japan understands the idea. It knows how to think about the long term. He is hoping that he gets the best of Silicon Valley.

“We are honored to be entering a new business alliance with Nikkei, a company that is respected throughout the world for its top-class editorial,” said Evernote CEO Phil Libin. “This multifaceted partnership gives us an opportunity to pair that important and timely content with Evernote’s workspace-enhanced features for a direct and positive impact on the way people work and share knowledge every day.”

“We believe Nikkei and Evernote share similar missions—to enable knowledge workers to enhance their productivity,” said Nikkei CEO Tsuneo Kita. “This new partnership is going to be much more than just providing business news through Evernote. We are excited to join forces, and together develop completely new services that will lead to fundamental changes in the way people work.”

The content integration comes at the same as full Japanese language support for Evernote Context on iOS and Mac. Windows and Android users will have to wait a while and they will be getting the features as soon as possible.

Evernote believes that users should be taken care of and that they are not leaving behind the Android and Windows users. Evernote have always made products that will help us throughout the day. They are continuing on the same path and we are hoping with their new collaboration, we will get an even better application.

Over the coming years we will see Evernote is going to be used by every user because society is becoming more and more dependent on smart phones. The company said that they were honored to be entering a new business alliance with Nikkei. They said that Nikkei is trusted and respected worldwide and this is why they decided to make a collaboration.

Source: Evernote via TechCrunch

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