Evolve : All-in-One Wearable 2.0 Sensor Platform

Evolve : All-in-One Wearable 2.0 Sensor Platform

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The WiseWear™ advanced wearable 2.0 device collects complex biometric data to See Inside™ the body .

Things have been moving pretty quickly in the wearable industry which has taken everyone with a storm but despite these developments on a daily basis, the wearables, particularly the smartatches, continue to represent more or less the same thing. We have seen very little innovation so far in this regard but the horizon is set to be changed by a new entrant called Evolve – the first of its kind the industry is going to see.

Evolve has been designed in such a way that it is going to give the users a complete package which will include everything to fulfill their fitness needs. The device basically enables both accurate biometric data collection during periods of high intensity fitness and all day wellness monitoring and for this it makes use of a core sensor platform called Nomad. This particular has been placed at such a place that it seamlessly moves from a chest strap to a wrist watch embodiment. So if you are one of those who would like to see their maximum performance and well being, then pray that this idea quickly gets to its desired goal of raising enough money to be turned into a product.

The campaign to raise money for Evolve took to Indiegogo on November 30th and is expected to last till January 14th. Within these few days, Evolve has managed to get a number of pledges which has raised $6,072 but this is far from its targeted goal of $100,000.

This project by WiseWear aims to increase the functionality of a wearable device which doesn’t only rely on a simple accelerometer and gyrometer to measure step count to predict overall activity. This is why the Evolve was designed as a multi-sensor platform which helps to track heart rate, respiration, motion, global movement, galvanic skin response, and blood oxygenation. Thanks to these accurate predictive algorithms which are naturally interconnected with the biometrics, our exercise intensity, sleep quality, and overall wellness is going to be easily tracked. If you are interested in getting your hands on this complete lifestyle platform, then head over to Indiegogo and pledge yourself for the special offer which starts at $145 with the delivery expected to be in December 2015.

You can contribute and get more details Here.

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