Ex-CEO of HULU launches Vessel, Paid Online Video Service for FREE!

Ex-CEO of HULU launches Vessel, Paid Online Video Service for FREE!

Credit: Vessel

Jason Kilar, EX-CEO at HULU decided to launch his paid video streaming service free for a year if registered within the next 72 hours.

Calling it the Vessel, Jason Kilar presented his new website free of cost if it got registered in 72 hours. Vessel aims to provide its subscribers with the ability to view content from their favorite YouTube stars as early as three days before it appears on free video streaming services online. 

Kilar wishes to charge users with a fee of $2.99 a month to enjoy videos from online stars such as Boyce Avenue, Rhett and Ingrid Nelson. His vision is that these stars debut their productions at Vessel before they post them on websites such as YouTube. 

Kilar promises the stars “20 times more revenue” than YouTube does and he promises $50 per 1000 views which is a far better offer considering that YouTube pays them $2.20 per 1000 views. This isn’t a self-service website. Creators or artists can’t post videos without having applied to do so. Till now more than 130 top YouTube creators have joined vessel, according to The Verge.

Vessel promises its creators 70 % of the advertising revenue generated and also 60% of subscription revenue. Kilar says that this will lay a path for a very big business for creators.

Ad-Supported free versions of Vessel will also be available by the artists and content creators which is just a choice that they have in order to target the audiences that they want.

Vessel is aiming to lure in fans who are passionate about the work of their favorite artists and creators. It will create huge exclusivity in the content if aired as early as three days in advance. Kilar says that his website will surely help artists to create a meaningful business online. 

‘Someone’s favorite band is something that they care deeply about,’ says Kilar. ‘If we can provide early access to that content, we can delight the consumer and help the creator to build a meaningful business online. That’s very important because there’s been a growing meme from Taylor Swift and others who have been less than encouraged with their economic performance on the Internet.’

Vessel will also be airing content straight from NBC, NBA, Machinima, Funny or Die, CollegeHumor and VEVO on its free version which will be ad-supported, and hopefully better or at least at par with current online video streaming giants.

Another thing that Kilar has done for his website is that he has signed deals with UMG (Universal Music Group) and WMG (Warner Music Group) to debut their music videos firstly on Vessel and then carry it out to other free video streaming services. 

Vessel will be available on iOS and the web, Android is soon to come along. Kilar says that Vessel is a clean, well-lit place as compared to the other video streaming websites out there.


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