Facebook introduces a New Real-Time Hub for Super Bowl 2015

Facebook introduces a New Real-Time Hub for Super Bowl 2015


A novel form of a situation developed around the Super Bowl on Facebook this year. Facebook launches a new Super Bowl hub that provides fans one place to connect in real time.

All Facebook fans enjoyed a new experience this year at the time of the Super Bowl. Last year had been quite a busy one round about the time when the Super Bowl took place. But this year it was a sight to behold and was totally unbelievable.

Over 50 million males and females commented on the Super Bowl last year. This year they saw the Seattle Seahawks try to forestall the New England Patriots. There are actually many advantages to participating in the debate on Facebook.

For one thing, you /4/view posts from your circle of friends and acquaintances. You /4/also watch the responses of fans to the gameplay on Live Feed. Pics and video clips too /4/be eyeballed as they start accumulating from various individuals and news agencies.

Then in the “In The Story” section you /4/view tags from the NFL, various players and their teams, NBC and the voices of some talking heads of society.

Furthermore, if you wish you /4/view the scores as they appear time after time alongside the play details as they occur in real time. And as if this was not enough, you /4/be a part of the convo by having your say under the heading “watching Super Bowl XLIX”.       

Facebook.com/superbowl is the site where you will get a piece of the action. You /4/traverse the various choices on the site by clicking on the relevant posts. The Super Bowl XLIX is surely going to be the most discussed event this side of the Atlantic.

It is the event of events and will garner a whole lot of talk time and extra-prolific commentary. Via Trending and Facbook Search a lot of stuff about the Super Bowl /4/be known in a jiffy.

From start to end, the Super Bowl experience is going to be one of excitement and ecstasy. It will be a fun-filled time of great egomania and each side will buck up its favorite team as the players go head to head on the field.

There is little in the way of restraint that will be shown since it is a matter of enthusiasm, which civilization offers few chances of to its denizens. But ultimately the press, athletes and fans of the various teams will gather at one spot (Facebook) to engage in badinage and banter about the greatest sports event of 2015.  

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