Microsoft’s OneDrive update makes it a Better Cloud Storage for Photos

Microsoft's OneDrive update makes it a Better Cloud Storage for Photos

Credit: OneDrive Blog

Microsoft updates its OneDrive and now the users are able to search their data more efficiently. This super intelligent searching function will make it easier for people to search photos, text and documents.

The OneDrive is getting popular by the day. People are now leaning towards the OneDrive and all of this is because Microsoft has made it easy for its users to upload their photos and files. The OneDrive cloud service has been improving in the past years and this update is what people were waiting for.

People want a kind of update that would make their lives easier. One major thing that the users would love now in OneDrive is that the OneDrive is able to take your images and it reads them. When it is parsing those images, it searches for text.

If text is found, the next time you are searching for anything, and the name of the thing was found in the images as well, then the OneDrive would show those images as well.

For example if you uploaded an image and in that image you were wearing a shirt named John, so the next time you search for John, the OneDrive will return with the image.

If you have any documents that have the word John in them, the OneDrive is also going to return those documents. The group program manager of Microsoft’s OneDrive said that they are applying techniques that will help people.

He said that they are taking some of those techniques from Bing to examine, tag and analyze data. He also said that now the users are going to have an automatically grouped collection of their photos.

People will be able to write keywords to search for those images. Like if you had a dog in an image, you will simply write ‘dog’ in the search bar and you will get the picture of that dog. This is a major update by the OneDrive.

There are other cloud services available like the Google Drive and the iCloud and this is why Microsoft believed that they had to beat the competition.

This is why they believed that they should use the Optical Character Recognition scanner so that they can extract relevant and required information. Microsoft will start to tag your photos automatically. The tagging will be done so that people can search for old items easily.


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