Facebook is on a Hiring Spree for making VR Goggles, Drones and Data Centers

Facebook is on a Hiring Spree for making VR Goggles, Drones and Data Centers

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  • Facebook aims to hire nearly 1,200 new employees for its Virtual Reality goggles, drones and data centers.

Facebook has started hiring new employees which signals towards an expansion.

According to Facebook’s website the company is looking to increase its employees by 14 percent and that is why the company has started a hiring campaign in which Facebook Inc. (FB.O) looks to hire 1200 new faces.

This new hiring spree has started due to the outgrowth of aggressive investments that executives have said will give an outlook for the coming year. 

Oculus Rift the maker of virtual reality headsets that Facebook had bought in a $2 billion deal last year is among the key areas that will see growth this year as 54 jobs have been listed on its website.

The roles that Facebook needs to fill for Oculus Rift includes managers which are needed to oversee logistics, procurement and global supply chain planning. Seeing this, many analysts stated that this means the product is near its commercial release.

Talking about the market of such virtual reality headsets than the market is just coming into existence. So it seems normal why Facebook wants to grow this side of the company and take advantage of this market. Once the virtual reality takes off for entertainment, gaming and communications, Facebook would be at the center of the new platform with Oculus. 

Moreover Facebook’s new and ambitious effort to create and develop its own satellites and drones which are capable of delivering Internet service to remote areas of the world is another very important area for hiring and growth. Under the new hiring program Facebook is looking for specialists in areas such as avionics, thermal engineering and radio frequency communications.   

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg stated in an interview to Reuters that the company is very ambitious and it is run by an ambitious CEO as well. She stated that the users of Facebook are increasing by the day and the company needs to support this growth in users and business.

She explained the scope of Facebook today as compared to some years before. Today Facebook has offices operating throughout the globe. Facebook today faces many challenges from strong competitors such as Google Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 

Facebook has had 8348 full time employees at the end of September, which are fewer than Google’s 55,000 employees or Microsoft’s 127,000, though Microsoft has announced to cut around 18,000 jobs this summer.

Moreover at the same time Facebook get more out of each employee according to calculations using the company’s revenue. Facebook had a $384,000 per employee in 2014 as compared to $300,000 for Google and $183,000 for Microsoft. Having fewer employees has given Facebook the advantage of being efficient and this efficiency has helped Facebook to enjoy rich profit margins. 

Plus Atlas which is the online advertising technology that Facebook had bought in 2013 is going to be another area of growth and hiring. This side of the company has advertised for more than 20 positions which need to be filled in by new employees. If this all this goes just like Facebook executives have planned than the company’s annual revenue could rise to $30 billion with just a few years. 

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