Facebook reduces the distribution of Hoaxes in News Feed

Facebook reduces the distribution of Hoaxes in News Feed

Credit: Facebook
  • Facebook will monitor fake news and reduce the visibility of hoaxes in News Feed.

As there are so many hoaxes and fake stories posted on Facebook, the social website has finally decided to take care of it.

Facebook explains that the basic aim or goal of the News Feed on the site is to catch up with one’s friends and find the things that matter to people. Moreover Facebook stated that it always looks forward that people should express their views and provide them with opinion so that they can improve the experience of using Facebook.

Now finally Facebook has paid heed to complain that a lot of people have made. The complaint is about the fake stories and hoaxes that are frequently posted on Facebook. Now what has the Facebook done about this? 

Well, basically the management of Facebook has updated the News Feed and this update reduces the distribution of posts that people will report as a hoax.

Moreover from now on, Facebook will also add an annotation to posts that have received many of these types of reports in order to warn others on Facebook.

The management of Facebook stated that they will not remove stories that people report as false plus they are also not reviewing content and making any kind of determination on its accuracy.  

Now what are these hoaxes that everyone is so fed up of? Well hoaxes are a form of News Feed spam that includes scams or false or misleading news stories. People on Facebook often share these hoaxes and then later decide to delete their original posts after they come to know that they have been cheated and tricked.

However these posts receive lots of comments from friends that let the other people know that this post is a hoax and is just a lie. Plus Facebook conducted a test and found out that people are two times more likely to delete these types of posts after receiving such a comment from their friend.

Facebook recently revealed that they have added a new option for its users to report a story they see in News Feed as false. This will work in the same way as reporting a story as spam. From now on when people will click to hide the story they will also be given the option of reporting the content. 

So what is the update that Facebook has provided its users with! The update has been introduced in order to reduce the number of these types of posts because people are fed up with them.

News Feed will from now on after the update take into consideration when many people flag a post as false and also take into consideration when many people chose to delete the post.

So this will then reduce the distribution of such posts in the News Feed that have been reported as a hoax. This update will from now on apply to posts which include videos, photos, links and status updates. 

So finally we are going to be relieved of all these fake posts once and for all!

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