Facebook Rolls Out Trending Topics

Facebook rolls out trending topics

Facebook trending topics will compete with twitter

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that apes something Twitter has been offering for a long time. The new Facebook feature is trending topics. The feature lets Facebook users know what the hottest topics are that are being talked about on the massive social network.

The trending topics list will show up for users in the US, UK, India, Canada, and Australia reports Times of India. Trending topics won’t be offered on the mobile version of Facebook. However, the feature is reportedly being tested in the apps for smartphones and tablets.

Presumably, that means that Android and iPhone devices will eventually get trending topics if using the app. The trending topics will be tailored to the person’s interests and location according to Facebook. Facebook will also explain why a topic is trending.

The new feature is part of Facebook’s effort to make the social network the daily paper for many of its users. The similar feature on Twitter has made it the place people go to talk about events as they happen.

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