Facebook Welcomes Transgender Community to its Social Pages

Facebook Welcomes Transgender Community to its Social Pages


Facebook has taken a truly revolutionary step. It has decided to welcome on board the transgender community members. And all those hate-mongers who took part in gay-bashing will be automatically deleted from its social pages.

The rising expectations in matters of human rights still have a long way to go. Seeing the changing times, when greater tolerance and more equality are the order of the day, Facebook has expanded the gender options it offers to its user base. 

Instead of the standard “male” or “female” slots, now there will be other categories to boot. These include “cisgender”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “transgender” and “other”. Thus the segregation of the sexes according to rigid sacred cow rules has become a thing of the past. 

Facebook undertook this effort in synch with GLAAD. The Vice President of GLAAD, Rich Ferraro has been closely working with Facebook to make this monumental achievement possible for the LGBT community. 

The array of choices that will be laid out before the user is ten in number. They run the gamut from the different to the radically different. 

Mark Zuckerberg had already done a thorough cleanup of his social network as far as hate speech and anti-feminist stuff was concerned. Now with the opening up of the cyberspace connections to the gay and lesbian groups, the subculture has been absorbed into the dominant culture. 

The process of registering as a “male” or “female” or “whatsoever rocks your boat” is fairly simple. Facebook deserves two thumbs up for its gender sensitivity!   

Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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