Microsoft Office Arriving Soon on iPad

Microsoft Office Arriving Soon on iPad

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Microsoft’s Office for iPad is being codenamed Miramar. Microsoft has picked a watchword for its Office platform. It is “thoughtful”. At least that was the word that got employed most often by Tami Reller in a conversation. She spoke of how Office would be arriving soon on the iPad.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Tami Reller spoke in a cautionary tone regarding its Office for other platforms besides Windows. She said the approach to the whole project was “thoughtful”. 

The Office for iPad, that Microsoft intends to come out with, is not a failed process. In fact, it might be coming to the fore faster than a speeding bullet. Than the question arises as to why the word “thoughtful” was utilized by Tami Reller. 

Maybe it is just a bit of a marketing ploy to keep the clientele on its toes. Whatever the case, there is every chance of the Mira/3/version to come on the scene prior to the Gemini version. 

The top brass of Microsoft has affirmed the fact that it is in the pipeline and about to materialize soon. The soon-to-leave Steve Ballmer has spoken concerning this system too.

In the beginning Ballmer was in favor of creating the Gemini before the Miramar. But now he has changed his mind. Things are to proceed as usual. 

Overall, it’s still a hushed up affair of sorts. When exactly the final version will make it to the shelves is anyone’s lucky guess. The only difference is it will take place unexpectedly and pretty soon to boot. 

Source: ZDNet

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