Facts about the Microsoft Surface PRO 3

Facts about the Microsoft Surface PRO 3

Microsoft has been trying to penetrate the growing tablet market. Recently, the company has released its latest Surface Pro tablet which is a cross between a tablet and a laptop. This recently released device is now being coined as the most powerful tablet in the market today.

According to Microsoft, this device can even replace your laptop while you enjoy the interface and utility of a tablet. That is definitely a huge statement. So, can Microsoft Surface Pro 3 deliver on its promises? Listed below are some of the facts you need to know about this newest tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: An Overview

Bigger Screen

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch HD screen. This is much bigger than the iPad’s which is only around 9.7 inches. Some people might think that getting a bigger screen is more advantageous, especially if the tablet is used for presentations and other tasks. However, there are also some people who are turned off by its 12-inch screen.

Screen Resolution and Quality

Since this gadget has a bigger screen, it features a 1920 x 1080 HD display which is very good. However, some users reported suffering from eye strain from hours of use which they haven’t experienced with other tablets. There is a huge difference between Surface Pro 3 and other gadgets, especially with the way some programs are displayed on the screen.

Keyboard and Pen

When you purchase this newest tablet from Microsoft, you will also get the Surface Pro Type cover. This companion device easily converts your tablet into a laptop. In addition, you will also get the new Surface Pen which features pressure sensitivity. This provides you with a natural writing experience. 

System Specs

The Surface Pro 3 is available in three different processors: Intel Core i7, Core i3, and i5. This latest device from Microsoft is equipped with Windows 8.1 Pro operating system and packs a Microsoft Office software suit. You also have the option to choose which storage size you want: 64, 128, 256, and 516 Gigabytes. 


This tablet also has a front and back camera and is capable of taking 1080p video. Its camera has a 5MP capacity. Unfortunately, with some of the tablets equipped with 8MP to 16MP camera available in the market, the Surface Pro 3 is at a disadvantage.

Compatible with Windows

One of the advantages of using Surface Pro 3 is its full Windows compatibility. This tablet can run virtually any Windows program. 

Inputs and Outputs

You can connect this tablet to a digital light projector which is perfect for presentations. It also supports a USB 3.0 connection. This is very advantageous, especially since other tablets do not have this feature.

With all these wonderful specs and features, there is no doubt that Surface Pro 3 is a functional ultrabook. However, like any other gadget, it has its pros and cons. While it can perform many tasks that no other tablet or gadget can, it still offers a limited solution. Therefore, before you decide to purchase this newest gadget from Microsoft, it is best to weigh its advantages and disadvantages first.

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