First Alert also to take on the Polar Vortex at CES 2015

First Alert also to take on the Polar Vortex at CES 2015

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The new Onelink Series by First Alert introduces many new products which will be displayed at the CES 2015. New Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat gives home owners control over their indoor forecast.

First Alert is the most trusted and renowned name in home safety in the United States. The company is now taking another direction and launching the new Onelink series which includes an Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat which is the first product in the Onelink connected home series. This new thermostat by First Alert will be displayed at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. 

This new state of the art Onelink thermostat will connect to Wi-Fi and enable homeowners to control their heating and cooling from anywhere with a free app that is compatible with users smart device. So now people can save on their heating bills by turning down their heat during the day and turn it back on before coming back from work. All this can be done from one’s smart device and no hassle for the users. 

Deborah Hanson the director of external affairs for First Alert stated that the new Onelink thermostat is the first in a line of state of the art devices that First Alert will be introducing at the CES 2015 in order to provide the company’s customers with greater control over their home environments from anywhere making it very simple and easy. He further stated that the company is excited to bring its decades of expertise and knowledge in home safety, comfort and security to the connected home space with truly smart products that are easy to use and accessible. 

First Alert has also come up with an app for the Onelink series. So the users can either use the Onelink app or the thermostat’s color, touchscreen interface. Homeowners can set their home temperature, turn conditioning or heating off and even set a schedule by the day of the week and the time of the day. The app further displays a three day weather forecast and also current outdoor temperature reading to help users set heating and cooling schedules in advance.

Homeowners can easily save money on heating and cooling bills as the energy usage information is available to the users from the Onelink Thermostat. The thermostat also shows how much energy has been used to heat and cool a home which enables the users to adjust their temperature schedule for better affordability. The Onelink Thermostat is one of its kinds, with all the functions one can think of. 

The Onelink Thermostat by First Alert also works as a digital picture frame as it has customized backgrounds for its digital interface. The users of the thermostat can also upload 100 photos directly to the device to use as a screensaver or a background. The device is said to be priced at $249 and will be available in markets for sale in early 2015. 

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The CES will take place in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January and 3500 other exhibitors will be present. 

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