First Wearable Flying Selfie Camera Nixie is Highlight at CES 2015

Nixie the First Wearable Flying Selfie Camera is Highlight at CES 2015

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The CEO of Intel revealed facts and figures about Nixie at the CES 2015. Nixie is the first wearable camera that can fly and it has won Intel’s 2014 “Make it Wearable” challenge.

As the CES 2015 was in its heyday, the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich introduced the Nixie wearable camera to the audience. A range of cameras were displayed including one the size of a small button.

But the best one among these was the Nixie which was actually a mini drone of sorts. It slipped on the wrist like a watch and then suddenly its four straps untangled as it took to the air and took aerial photos of you and your loved ones.

Whatever activity you were engaged in from tight rope walking to mountain climbing could be captured by this handy device in seconds. After $300 million in input into this industry finally the fruits have started coming and they are sweet indeed.

Since it is by the fruits that you know something, in this case the high degree of expertise and intelligence that have gone into this experiment have paid off in scads. The CEO gave a sort of pep talk and said that with further advancements it /4/be possible to not only conceive the impossible but to actually create it in reality.  

The solution of real life problems is another field of interest. Nixie is the overall winner of the competition. It is such a cool and funky device that you cannot help but be impressed by the range of repertoire of this wearable all-seeing electronic eye. In fact, it happens to be the first wearable camera that can fly like a bird.

Imagine peope saying look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Nixie! The beauty of this virtual viewer is that it can capture the ideal moment in time of you engaged in the most intimate and incredible of tasks.

Nixie founders were right there on stage alongside Brian, the CEO of Intel, to share their side of the story. You can see them flying Nixie on CES 2015 stage in above video clip. All of them posed for a final photo with the Nixie which was a sort of memento that also demonstrated the capabilities of the powerful mini camera drone.

The unleashing of forces that were related to high technology and would soon enter the specialized fields of optics, laser vision, superconductors and nanotechnology were not to be ignored. They signalized a shift in the Zeitgeist and meant that the times were changing for the better.

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub. The CES 2015 begins officially on January 6 and ends on January 9, 2015 in Las Vegas. The CES 2015 announcements and news are though pouring in since end of 2014. The big topics at the CES 2015 are 4k Ultra HD TVs, wearables, robotics and cars technology.

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