Force Touch on Apple Watch lets you change animated emoji color

Force Touch on Apple Watch lets you change animated emoji color

Photo Credits: Apple

Turlington Burns gives her insight into the Watch’s tentpole messaging features.

Though we have seen numerous videos and read detailed articles demonstrating the different features of the Apple Watch and how exactly they work in daily lives, but it hasn’t just been enough. However, the most comprehensive demonstration or explanation can come from someone who has already used a device. Since the watch hasn’t made its way to the market yet, we can’t ask around for opinions but thankfully we have Turlington Burns’s insight.

She is the ambassador for the device and ever since she has started training for the upcoming London Marathon she has been regularly posting on the diary on Apple’s website. The most entry published this week sheds light on the Watch’s tentpole messaging features. It is obviously impossible to completely try the watch’s communication system unless someone you are contacting has the watch too. So how was Burn able to do that? Apple blessed her family with multiple Apple Watches to test out communications functionality. They even tried out exchanging animated emojis through their watches.

The most interesting aspect of these emojis is that you can even change their color with the Force Touch feature of the watch. “The faces are the best because they’re so expressive,” she writes. “If you press the screen, you can change the color.”

The electrodes have been positioned all around the screen of the Apple Watch which allows the device to distinguish between light taps and presses. Now add to this the capacitive display and the watch has gotten the ability to pinpoint where and how a finger is touching the screen, consequently opening the contextual UI controls.

Burns also states that with Apple Watch’s Activity rings (Move, Exercise and Stand) users will no longer have to turn towards the gym for exercise. She considers the Apple Watch as an important running companion now as it allows her to track her progress.

A little infographic on the side also shows Apple’s opinions on the heart rate monitoring which says, “By flashing its LED lights hundreds of times per second, Apple Watch can calculate the number of times your heart beats each minute during your workout. That measurement is your heart rate.”


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