Fundraising is ON for Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!

Fundraising is ON for Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!

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  • The Race is on for Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!

The race is definitely on for the funding of Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow! It will hopefully be one hell of a funny sequel to the original movie.

An Indie movie by the name of Super Troopers got launched at Sundance at the turn of the millennium. It touched the funny bone in many people by its action sequences and hilarious skits. Weird acts such as moustache rides and maple syrup chug-a-luging took place in the movie.

But the big question was when a sequel would get directed. Well, the wait is over. Broken Lizard, the group behind the movie, has vowed to return with even more thicker moustaches and actions that are wilder than the previous milder sequences.

There only appears to be a one little problem. And that is the funding of the film. Within the next 30 days a grand sum of $2 million needs to be collected from various sources.

Whatever the case, $2 million is the least amount that needs to be reached in order to fund the movie. However, if the amount amassed is more than $2 million it will be even better since the movie will not be a rickety version but the real deal. 

Among the shenanigans that are in store for the movie audiences once it does get made are:

  • cute camera tricks and special effects that will have you laughing till your belly hurts;
  • handsome males and sexy females that will be the heroes and heroines of the comedy respectively;
  • stuntmen that will make Mission Impossible: 2 appear child’s play in comparison;
  • car chase scenes that are better than those found in The Fast and the Furious;
  • bomb blasts that scare the devil out of you;
  • bit parts from various famous actors and actresses of Tinsel Town;
  • bear hugs; castor sugar;
  • Farva in the nude and of course…the gorgeous Kate Upton who every male on the planet goes gaga over at the drop of a hat.

There are many perks and gratifying tidbits for those who help fund the movie. But once it does finally get made, it will surely inspire so many belly laughs that the audience will be left rolling on the cinema floor in stitches.

Already there is stuff starting from T-shirts to bit part roles in the movie and posters not to mention a whole super trooper patrol car among the items for sale. And it goes without saying that a huge part of the deal are the tickets which enable legal entry to the premiere.

All these complex funding schemes for the making of the movie are being managed on Indiegogo. Meanwhile, the fans of the original cannot wait for the sequel titled “Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!” to come out in theaters all over the US of A. 

Donate for Super Troopers 2 here.


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