Furious 7 Tribute to Paul Walker brings Tears to Everyone

See You Again Tribute to Paul Walker brings Tears to Everyone

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  • See You Again Tribute to Paul Walker brings Tears to Everyone

Wiz Khalifa’s song ‘See You Again’ plays behind for Walker’s tribute.

This weekend is marked by the release of the much anticipated movie Furious 7. The movie is released with the ‘One Last Ride’ theme as it is in fact the last ride for best friends on and off screen, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Walker passed away in a road accident in November 2013 and since then the crew of Furious 7 were left in a dilemma. However they knew they had to finish the movie as Vin Diesel stated that Walker would have wanted them to finish the movie so they have to do it for him.

The making of Furious 7 hasn’t been easy after the death of Walker and Diesel stated that this is the hardest movie that he has ever done. Apart from this there were instances on the set when Diesel would emotionally break down as he missed Walker on the set. 

Furious 7’s most important part was to send off Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor and that has been done just perfectly. The ending just makes everyone cry. Dom (Diesel), Letty (Michelle), Roman (Tyrese) and Tej are seen sitting on a beach watching Brian and his wife Mia play with their son.

Dom and Letty then decide that this is where Brian belongs and he should be kept out of danger. Then Dom gets up to go and Letty asks him “You’re not going to say goodbye?” To this Dom responds “It’s never goodbye.” This response by Dom just sends goosebumps and shows how emotionally difficult it would have been for them to shoot this scene.  

Then Dom drives off and comes to a stop at an intersection and behind him a car pulls up and to the surprise of all the crying audience it is Walker. Then we see them both share a brotherly moment together and then they drive off in different directions.

Afterwards a beautiful tribute is played which plays all the compilation of moments between Walker and the rest of the crew. The moments include the entire Fast & Furious franchise with the background song ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa. 

Director James Wan stated that the sendoff was the most important thing for the whole crew and they wanted it to be perfect. He stated that they pushed forward not for finishing the movie but for the sake of Walker. He explained that every idea and concept was about making an ending that was honorable to Walker’s character and his legacy. You will also see Vin Diesel speak a monologue written by Chris Morgan. 

So all the Walker and movie fans need to go out and see the movie for themselves and they will agree with me that the sendoff to Walker is amazing. Justice has been done with Walker’s tribute and like Dom says it’s never a goodbye!

Watch below the video of Paul Walker’s See You Again tribute.


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