Manuela Arbelaez speaks about her Price is Right Blooper

Manuela Arbelaez speaks about her Price is Right Blooper

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The beautiful and svelte model, Manuela spoke recently about her Price is Right game show blooper and claimed that it was the biggest in all of history.

The price is right alright but the problem is something went wrong somewhere leading to such a glaring faux pah that it dwarved all slips of the tongue, hand and mind ever seen before on television.

On the famous and exciting capitalistic game show The Price is Right, Manuela the cute and leggy model with photogenic looks made such a big mistake that her slip went viral on the Internet. She puts it down to her jitteriness and fidgety fingers not to mention type A personality which just won’t rest or get any satisfaction from smelling the roses on the sidewalk.

Manuela Arbelaez, as is her full name, told NYDailyNews that she felt so ashamed when the slip up occurred that she simply wanted to enter a time warp and not come into public view for eons or at least until the storm had passed.

She had apprehensions lest the prize car which had been inadvertently given away by sheer accidental chance to Andrea was going to be an offense which would cost her dearly. Either she would be kicked off the show or at least her salary would get deducted.  

Manuela even started sobbing on the show since she didn’t like to look like a foolish girl before the cameras. Ever since she has been on the show (and its been more than half a decade) Manuela has not made a single mistake. She has a reputation to maintain and she is a perfectionist par excellence.

Yet now she has been shortchanged by human nature and so is facing the music. Her pal on the show, Drew Carey, was very understanding and caring in his behavior unlike some of the jeering crowd members. And while Drew was pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing, he also shrugged it off as so much of a silly mistake to learn from for Manuela.

This female model will however have to live with the consequences of her big mistake. When she gets stopped in the street and asked “so you are that model on The Price is Right who committed such a grand mistake” she will have to come up with strategies to cope and deflect any oddly curious questions and meddlesomeness from fans. You go, Girl!


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