GEAK Watch II Battery Life is Better than Apple Watch and Moto 360

GEAK Watch II Battery Life is Better than Apple Watch and Moto 360


The GEAK Watch II is coming soon to wherever you /4/happen to be. And the battery life of this watch can last upto 7 days on single charge where as Moto 360 and the upcoming Apple Watch batteries require daily charge.

It is a round panel smartwatch with a seven day battery life and Android KitKat facility on it. And it comes from the makers of the three best smartwatches in the entire Global Village. The Pro type has been pretty much funded on the site Pozible. If you use the watch intensely it will last 3-4 days.

Otherwise, a week is the time span for its battery life. It is light years ahead of Moto 360 and Apple Watch. Among its cool list of features /4/be included vital signs monitoring and buzz and text messaging prompts. Even air pollution tracking is possible via this device.

This watch is definitely a substantial improvement over its rivals which can hardly run for more than a day. You get so much on its platform and than some more. It is outclass and outperforms the competitors.

Containing dual E-Ink and Liquid Crystal Display, this watch has everything you need. It has a transreflective screen which keeps the display on active mode 24 hours a day. Thus you do not need to keep activating it again and again. 

Bright Color displays are possible on this smartwatch too. The resolution is perfect and the crystal clear vision dynamics are the best. The glass screen is scratchproof and will not be liable to have any fingerprint marks on it. The glass is supertough and nano-coated too. The charging is very easy.

The wearable device is an extension of the wearer. The various time faces on the watch’s exterior are very creative in their multi-colored samples. As for the straps they are handcrafted and very beautiful indeed.

It is a jewel of a watch and has virtually everything that a watch could have on it. And it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on it too. Then there is simplified music control facility. The watch is a perfect example of all facilities under one roof or all amenities under one rubric.

It is compact, classical and cozier than its other lesser kissing cousins. The elegance and timelessness of the exterior is matched by the beauty and cool and chic-like balance of its inner machinery. As a poised delicate instrument the watch gives off good vibes. It is indeed a feel-good timekeeper and chronometer that will make your day.

“The first GEAK watch was a huge hit in China, selling over 300,000 units in 2013. With the GEAK Watch II, we’re taking GEAK international, with a pioneering design, versatile operating system and excellent functionality,” said Peng Xu, CEO of GEAK Watch.

The Pro version of GEAK Watch II is now crowdfunding on Pozible, where it has already been 800% funded since it’s launch just over a week ago. Crowdfunding target of this watch is CNY100,000 (approx USD16,400). And the earlybird units of this watch are available at 20% off the recommended retail price on Pozible.

“China is fully equipped to lead the smart watch revolution. There’s a huge amount of design and tech talent, plus excellent government support and manufacturing resources – after all, US and European smart watches are largely made here. Add crowdfunding to the equation and you’ve got a huge market ready to make great tech happen. Pozible is incredibly excited to be part of this and we can’t wait to see this project take off,” said Rick Chen, Co-founder of Pozible.

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