Geek Watch 2 increases battery life with 2 displays

Geek Watch 2 increases battery life with 2 displays

The LCD only comes into play when the watch is being used

There have been plenty of options in the smartwatch market but one thing pertains to them all; weak battery lives. There are some Android powered watches out there which might give you a 2 day rest between charges but the majority of the models will require you to put them on charge almost every night. This problem might seem to have been taken care of by a new smartwatch which has cleverly made use of two displays. Yes, that’s right – two displays.

We can agree that the smartwatch market is also getting crowded quickly after the saturation of the mobile market and with so many competitors offering lower prices and many attractive features, manufacturers of smartwatches are trying to keep it running with being the best in the business. Though we haven’t yet had the chance to come across the perfect smartwatch, there is a slight chance that the Geek watch 2 will pass for being one of the best out there at least.

The manufacturers of the smartwatch, Shanghai-based gadget maker Shanda, have made a device which includes both an high-definition LCD display and an e-ink one, something similar you find on the Pebble smartwatch and Amazon’s Kindle e-readers. The latter will be used when the watch is in its “standby mode but as soon as you start using the device, the LCD will take over.

All the Android Wear watches make use of only the LCD and this is what takes up most of the battery juice. If you have your “ambient” mode turned on for the entire day, the device will need charging every night. It can last for a good two days if you take the pains to turn it off when you’re not using it and turn it back on when you need it.

The Geek Watch 2 startup is currently waiting for its funding on Pozible to end on December 12th and has managed to raise US$ 675,892, Pledged of US$16,355. It will be available in 2 different models; the plastic model costs 1,999 yuan ($327) and the other metal one costs 2,499 yuan ($409). The plastic model claims to offer six days of “normal” use on a single charge, or up to 15 days when the device is restricted to standby mode while the metal ‘Pro’ model will deliver 7 days of normal use, and up to 18 on standby.

source: Pozible

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