George Clooney put on a strict diet by Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney put on a strict diet by Amal Alamuddin

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  • George Clooney is a Henpecked Husband Alright.
  • Clooney and Amal are Divorcing?

It seems that George Clooney is facing pressures from his wife Amal to be a father and go on a diet too. He is one henpecked husband alright.

George Clooney was the #1 actor and most eligible bachelor in America and he finally broke many female hearts by tying the knot with Amal Alamuddin.

Amal who is a British-Lebanese lawyer was declared to be the Most Fascinating Personality of 2014 by Barbara Walters (which is a mystery that still eludes many people).

Termed America’s Sweethearts, the two couldn’t have had it any better. And the constant media hype concerning George Clooney’s ten thousand affairs and bad boy antics were put to an end.

But one thing which reappeared on the media circus radar was the marriage of the two being on the rocks. It hardly got off the ground when the first signs of trouble were evident. And while these are still wild rumors, there /4/be more to them than just a whole lot of exaggeration.

For one thing, George is Hollywood and this is simply indigestible for Amal. She had thought of him as her knight in shining armor but he proved to be a Walk-Away Joe.

He cannot give up his playboy ways. The man is built for the kill and refuses to be domesticated by this lady with a lamp.  

Then there is the issue of George stalling when it comes to having a baby with Amal. He is not ready to be a father just yet. He wants to wait a few years before becoming a doting paterfamilias. And this does not go down too well with Amal who was planning on a family all along.

Meanwhile, George himself seems to have become somewhat of a big baby since his marriage. The sexy playboy has piled on the pounds as most newly married couples do.

At least a stone of extra flab has been added around the waist region and he now sports a beer belly. So Amal did what any self-respecting wife would do and put him on a diet which frankly speaking George finds no fun to be on.

It involves forgoing anything delicious and is very difficult to follow. He will have to go without his favorite shot of tequila not to mention tons of tacos and enchiladas.

George loves Mexican food, but the stupid diet prescribed by Amal bans all booze, fatty cuts of meat, extra carbohydrates, high cholesterol items and dairy products.

What does that leave for George to chow down on? Grass! Now he knows what a hectic mess and worthless mirage marriage can be. Yes, there is some magic there but mostly it is a gamble. 

Sources: Celeb Dirty Laundry , The Sunday Times

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