Gilmore Girls Will Be Available On Netflix

Gilmore Girls Will Be Available On Netflix

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Get ready Gilmore Girls fans because the show will soon be available on Netflix.

Whenever we come across great shows like Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective, we are pulled in a distinct world. We like the shows so much that if we had the chance, we would watch them 24/7. 

But sadly good shows come in small quantities and this is why we have to wait long periods for the new seasons. Gilmore Girls is the same type of show which would indulge you for an hour. 

The show ran on WB Network through 2000 to 2007. The show will soon be screening on Netflix on the 1st October. The show is set in a small town known as Stars Hollow

The great mother/daughter duo is coming back to Netflix. The show has some quirky characters and then there is Lorelai’s best friend. We have the town selectman, diner owner Like Danes and the wealthy grandparents Emily and Richard Gilmore. 

When you watch the show you will get a whimsical feeling. You would wish that you lived in Hollow Stars because the show has a nice feeling to it. The show was made for teenagers and this is why it never was aired on a major network. 

A lot of people still haven’t seen the Gilmore Girls and this is why it still isn’t categorized as a quality show. The show had a great following but because it was a teenager’s show, only teenagers watched it. 

The show will soon be available on Netflix and you could watch its seven seasons on the internet. The show was created by the intelligent Amy Sherman and the main reason the show burst onto the scene was because it used smart pop culture packed dialogues. 

You would want to watch the episodes again and again because they are that good. One of the great things about the show is that it has the ability to go from silly to serious in the matter of seconds and this is why people like it so much. 

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