Glee Series Finale Episode Recap

Glee Series Finale Episode Recap

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As we begin deconstructing the Glee Series Finale episode, we notice that the same old story, same old song and dance is all shiny and new for once.

In half a dozen seasons, Glee has struck gold time after time. The musical drama-rama proved once and for all that the past is best left far behind while the future beckons with open arms. The hot-blooded, jiving, yodeling and grooving series sure got everybody in a tizzy.

The finale stopped at the point where One Republic sang “I Lived”. And while it was a bit chaotic and full of clutter, the inspiring and optimistic tenor made everyone’s day. Glee has indeed been on a trajectory.

Will Schuester took the reins of McKinley High’s Glee Club into his own hands. The members of New Direction sang a song describing their pre-Glee life. Kurt sang Mr. Cellophane. Tina and Artie sang Kate Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.

Glee saw a watershed moment of tragic loss when Cory Monteith died. There is something uplifting about the whole program though that does not let anyone’s spirits be dampened.

Rachel did her stint titled This Time which really shook the audience to its foundations. This finale was actually a silent tribute to Cory Monteith. As for the flashback to the year 2009, it was a necessary detour that brought back melting memories. 

It was indeed a case of singing for the laughs and singing for the tears. Time ought not to be let go off and should never be allowed to slip away. Raise your drinking glass and here’s to yesterday!

That pretty much sums up the tenor of Glee. One thing that was especially highlighted was the absence of Cory Monteith. His death in 2013 left everyone stunned and in a state of shock.

The song You’re The One That I Want from the movie Grease got aired too. Parting is such sweet sorrow and everyone was in tears that showed through the smiles at the end of the Glee episode.

The performance of Don’t Stop Believin’ by the New Directions was a scintillating show of passion and glory. The New Directions won against a team termed the Sopranogasms which was a word that made everyone break out in rabid laughter.

Will meanwhile is the principal (notice the word “pal” in the subtext) of McKinley High. The last episode of Glee is simply unforgettable. 

Everyone enjoyed the finale. It was a series of popping bubbles that amazed and amused till the last minute when everyone gave the show and its performers a rising ovation. Kurt and Blaine are shown shifting back to The Big Apple in the end.

Artie and Tina have a new movie out. And Sam is a philandering lout with a new love interest every seven days. And by the way, Rachel is preggers with Kurt and Blaine’s baby. Now that is trouble in the form of a womb!

The show literally found its way back with baby steps in the finale. It was a very human-all-to-human reminder that all it takes is love to conquer all. And a bit of good old elbow grease that gets the wheels turning.

The watchers of Glee are often termed “Gleeks” in imitation of the word “geeks”. The issue of same-sex marriages is touched upon in the series too. And this sensitive point preaches the importance of tolerance in a multicultural world.

While the happy ending is a bit too effusive and ebullient, it nevertheless has a ring of true “glee” about it! No doubt the Glee finale was a journey through time and space to the farthest corners of the emotional universe. Two cheers for Glee!   


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